Shab-e-Meraj marks the holy night in which the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) was led on a journey to meet with the Almighty. The meaning of Shab-e- Meraj is Night of Ascent. It marks the transportation of the Holy Prophet (Peace be

Enjoy your Faith, Enjoy Islam!

“Say, ‘In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy – in that let them rejoice; it is better than all they accumulate.” [Yoonus (10): 58] People all over the world are leading such busy lives catering to the needs of their families, loved ones,


In this never-ending race for money, fame, and fortune, little do we know at what expense we pursue those worldly dreams? One is missing the whole point of living.  The man was and is called to follow the path laid

Importance of Sunnah!

The pages of the Quran hold more than just instructions or instances of great faith; its contents impart wisdom for life and everyday living. The Holy Book was a declaration from Allah to mankind. It is Allah’s heart that desires

Friendship in Islam!

As human beings, everyone is disposed to have interactions and have relationships with people. In the Islamic faith, friendship is considered a good thing and having the support of friends that draw you closer to Allah is an even better

Hijab – symbolizing more than a cover!

Hijab is an Arabic word simply meaning cover. Hijab is usually associated with women. However, even men are required to wear a head covering for showing modesty. Muslim women are supposed to wear a Hijab to reflect their personal devotion

Why do Tawaf around the ka’bah?

  The Ka’bah plays the most significant role in the performance of the Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah. In Hajj,  once a year and the ‘Umrah, which can be done throughout the year, the Ka’bah is a central point, around which

15 ways the youth can transform their life through this Ramadan!

It’s been a week since Ramdan has started and with every new day, the eagerness to fast with a sincere heart increases. Especially, the youth who look for ways to stay strong with hungry bellies. The days maybe difficult but,

Pack well, Pack light for your Umrah journey!

Is this your first Umrah trip? Having troubling trying to figure out what to pack? Here’s the list that will get you all the information you need to know while packing perfectly for a holy pilgrimage. As per the Quran,

Preparing for Umrah – the blessed journey!

Umrah is a journey that can be fulfilled at any convenient time during the year. Especially for people that have certain time constraints and financial issues. The significance of Umrah is comparatively lesser than Hajj, however, it is just as