15 ways the youth can transform their life through this Ramadan! Published by

It’s been a week since Ramdan has started and with every new day, the eagerness to fast with a sincere heart increases. Especially, the youth who look for ways to stay strong with hungry bellies. The days maybe difficult but, as long as you keep the faith strong, Allah’s given strength is sufficient for you.

This one is for the youth, the young that are striving to indulge in prayer and fasting most solemnly. Choose wisely how to spend the rest of the time! Find activities that will cause you to discover the purpose of your life. Many are the youth in the world, struggling to return into HIS grace, such is the test of your faith. For them that have walked on the path drawn by Allah, your journey must be a consistent one. Even through the inexplicable contradictions in life, the youth full of vigour and zest can live an exemplary life.

This Ramadan, there is a turning back for some and there is a reconnection for some. Let’s put everyone together and engage in activities that will help you grow and bloom in your walk with Allah.

  • Commit to those acts that draw you close to Allah. Discontinue habits that carry you away from HIS holiness.
  • Scan your intentions and increase the consciousness of your heart.
  • Devote the last days of Ramadan in i’tikaaf just like the Prophet Muhammed. (SAW)
  • Pray the five times namaz in all holiness and on time. Preferably in the mosque for men.
  • During the period of Ramadan, seek the opportunity to embark on a Umrah.
  • Gift someone the Quran; share the word of the Creator with all hearts.
  • Stay in constant prayer by reiterating the name of Allah, remember HIM in all you do and say.
  • Harbour a goal to achieve this Ramadan and ask Allah to help you accomplish it.
  • Sign up for a Ramadan course together with your friends and venture to complete it.
  • If you are proficient in your language, translate articles about Islam so that foreign language speakers can benefit too.
  • Distribute meals to the poor and needy, start a charity drive for the marginalized.
  • Share iftar with loved ones and guests. Make them feel special and blessed.
  • Strive to be a peacemaker wherever you go. Counsel heavy hearts and those leading difficult lives.
  • Volunteer to spend time with the unloved and the forsaken. Go to an orphanage and old age home; break your fast with them.
  • Make note of your experiences, thoughts, feelings this Ramadan; implement the changes you wish to see in yourself and your lifestyle.

Keep your heart ready and your mind willing, you do your best and Allah will bless in mysterious ways! Make this Ramadan the most memorable one yet.