Friendship in Islam! Published by

As human beings, everyone is disposed to have interactions and have relationships with people. In the Islamic faith, friendship is considered a good thing and having the support of friends that draw you closer to Allah is an even better thing.

Every individual on earth has a purpose and calling to attend to for the sake of Allah. In your quest to complete it you need the support and encouragement of your brothers and sisters in Allah who will guide and advice. One must befriend those that are righteous and virtuous in the pursuit of Allah. To stay on the straight path, one needs to be a strong individual and if not strong, you need people who will stir that in you.

There is no good in the companionship of those that are displeased by Allah and dishonor HIS ways. By associating yourselves with such company opens doors that move further away from holiness and truth. The friend one holds on to must reflect the choices you make and the decisions you take. As Rasullullah  has advised, “A person is on the way of his life friend. Therefore, he should think very carefully whom he is making a friend with.” (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood)

Once you agree to follow and get influenced by wicked individuals, it draws you away from a pious life. It declares that you choose the world over Allah and that you are asking for a separation from the one that loved you first and the most.

Instead, why not seek the company of the righteous and the namazi! those who are sincere, genuine and God-fearing.  This friendship day, pray to Allah for friends that HE approves of. Pray for individuals that aid you to take steps towards Allah not away from HIM.