In this never-ending race for money, fame, and fortune, little do we know at what expense we pursue those worldly dreams? One is missing the whole point of living.  The man was and is called to follow the path laid by Allah and yet one diverts to follow the path laid down by the world.

Which path promises grace and acceptance? Which is the path that offers an abundance of love in exchange for your tears and repentance?

There is only one whose presence can make you whole. Why then, do you run towards the world longing to be whole when the run should be towards Allah not away from HIM! On this Umrah, decide to turn from those hypocritical ways of living and strive to Live Islam.

Many people who realize the void don’t know the source of fulfillment. Even though one may have taste for all the material things in life yet, one lives a tasteless and fruitless life. One connects to everyone but, Allah. As it is written, “Say, ‘In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy – in that let them rejoice; it is better than all they accumulate.” [Yoonus (10): 58]

How do you make the switch? There’s one way that could help you learn the significance of adhering to Allah. To follow Allah, you must know HIM. To know Allah, you must experience HIM.

A pilgrimage made with a truthful heart towards Allah promises you a life spent in the arms of grace. This is what we want you to receive. At Atlas Tours and Travels, we have been appreciated for possessing the right Niyat  that leads you to your holy destination.  Being one of the top operators in Mumbai, we at Atlas Tours and Travels understand that you’re not just fulfilling an obligation but, also fulfilling a longing.