Hijab – symbolizing more than a cover! Published by

Hijab is an Arabic word simply meaning cover. Hijab is usually associated with women. However, even men are required to wear a head covering for showing modesty. Muslim women are supposed to wear a Hijab to reflect their personal devotion to Allah.

Essentially, the Hijab is meant to cover and protect the woman from ungodly eyes and ways. It depicts purity, modesty, and respect. The intention goes further than known. On donning the Hijab, she makes a statement. She wants to be evaluated for her knowledge, her skills, and her modest ways rather than based on her appearance.

For every Muslim woman, the Hijab is her identity. It is her shield from causing herself or another to sin. She covers her head to be identified as a member of the Muslim community. To justify the necessity, the Quran backs this through this verse. Allah says,” Allah says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and daughters and the believing women to draw their outer garments around them. That is more suitable that they will be known (as Muslims and chaste believing women) and not be abused.” [Qur’an, 33:59]

Little does anyone know apart from the religious requirement there is another most important reason to dress in a Hijab. What she wears is the image they’ll have of her! This means that through this Hijab, she is able to perform dawah. On wearing the Hijab, it is made known that she is from an Islamic background and that spreads the word about the community. Thus, it is a declaration that “I am a woman who loves Allah and desires HIM more than the worldly pleasures, that is why I don the Hijab.” There is an impact she steadily leaves on the people around her through her modest ways and honorable mannerisms.

When one wears the Hijab, she carries a responsibility to represent the community and follow the path of Allah even more diligently. It is true what is seen is more believable than the word. With her choice to wear the Hijab, she shows her conviction towards her faith and that her love for Allah supersedes every other aspect of her life. It is a consistent decision to live a modest and holy life dedicated to serving Allah and HIS glorious ways.